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The story behind Ibanez & Co

Ibanez & Co is a family run business founded by Mother and Daughter duo Jen and Kirsty.

With over 8 years of printing experiencing, running
Wales top online personalised gift company Write From The Heart Ltd, they realised that they
could offer something different than your usual printing company.
With a dedicated, youthful team behind them full of fresh and unique ideas, Ibanez & Co was born.

Ibanez & Co HQ is quite a sight to be seen. Extravagant is not the word. Kirsty has a love of all things pink and gold.
Some may argue that she has taken this love beyond extremes , on account of her changing our male office dog's name from Simba to Simbarella so his bed was in keeping with the decor. If it is over the top, unique and a little bit quirky then we are sure to have it here.

Our showroom is open for clients to come and get a real feel for what we can do for you let
us get to know you and your ideas over a cuppa or even a glass of wine!

Ibanez & co offers a bespoke printing service with an innovative, forward thinking design team,
Thinking outside of the box to help you create the best possible products for your brand.

"After shopping online for merchandise for our company Write from the heart,
I became bored with the same old, regular run of the mill products, plain, cheap and undesirable merchandise!
Boring workwear, plastic pens, all with a low quality print processes.
There was nothing that stood out & considering we are a very extravagant office I decided that there was
a gap in the market and came up with the idea of Ibanez & Co, my vision was to provide companies with fresh, modern and high quality
merchandise and workwear & that is exactly what Ibanez & Co provides! " Managing Director Kirsty Ibanez

We Care:

We take a personal approach
to ensure that your brand identity
is something that you will be
proud of.


With an extensive background
in graphic design, we sweat over
the small details and provide
effective solutions


Knowledge is power and
we have tons of invaluable
expertise in the design and
print industry


We aim to keep things as simple
as possible for you, without
compromising on the process